Sunday, January 28, 2007

Where is Ainsley?

Which province in China is Ainsley going to be from? You can click on the map for a better view.

Submit your best guess in the comments field of the post. If you guess right, then you will be the first person that Melissa and I will call after we have all the details :)

Maybe we're kidding, maybe we aren't, you'll just have to wait to find out.

Michael and Melissa


LZ_JY_X said...

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vicki said...

That is after the soon to be GrandMothers are called RIGHT!?
Anyway I'll guess Anhui. Why, The first letter is an A just like Ainsley. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

guangong...then hunan...i don't know why i'm doing this...we all know you start w/ the first letter of the alphabet...which is A.....A=AUNT=THERESA!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I just returned from up north (burr!! it was very cold 7 Degrees with a wind chill of -20 Degrees). I love the map of China! I agree with Vicki, Anhui sounds like a good first guess. Then my next two guesses are Guizhou and Guangxi, Why you ask? beacuse the regions are colored in a pretty blue! I am getting pretty anxious and am looking forward to being one of the first ones called (it doesn't matter, Vicki or me- just the Grandma's should be first!) I am looking forward to spending time with you to celebrate the Chineese News Years! With Much Love, Mom B

Anonymous said...

Weiwen picks the Hunan Province

Lijun picks Guizhou Province

Rhonda picks something by the water :)

jenai said...

Although I am guessing, I don't want to be considered for the 1st call, that definetely should go to the proud grandparents. :0)

My guess is Shaanxi - because I think it sounds neat.

Can't wait, can't wait!

Melissa said...

I'm gonna say Hubei - possibly a spicy girl from Hunan.

I suspect you guys will be getting a call from Kat really really soon!

Fingers crossed that these next few hours (ok, maybe a whole day since CCAI translates first) aren't too tortuous for you guys! This is sooooooooo exciting!

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