Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In-China Itinerary

3/22 Leave the U.S. for Hong Kong.

3/23 Arrive in Hong Kong. Staying at Regal Kowloon Hotel.

3/24 Pre-paid tour of Hong Kong.

3/25 Leave Hong Kong for Changsha on China Southern flight CZ3038 (13:10-14:30). Go to Dolton Hotel.

3/26 Meeting for all families in the hotel conference room at 8:00am to fill out adoption forms. Receive your child at the Registration Office at 11:00am. The children will be delivered by the Orphanage Directors and their staff. Dr. Su, CCAI’s contracted medical consultant, will be available this afternoon for your child’s medical needs.

3/27 Depart at 8:30am to complete Adoption Registration and Notarization paperwork at the Registration office. Important: This is a somewhat formal event. It is appropriate to wear business casual for your adoption appointments. Rest in the afternoon.

3/28 Optional shopping trip to the local department store in the morning. Rest in afternoon. Pay as you go. Waiting for your child’s paperwork to be completed.

3/29 Optional half-day city tour to the Embroidery Factory in the morning. Please ask Daphne for details. Pay as you go. Rest in the afternoon. Waiting for your child’s paperwork to be completed.

3/30 Families receive their notary paperwork, registration certificates and child’s passports in the afternoon today.

3/31 Please be checked out of the hotel & be ready to leave for the airport by the designated time. Leave Changsha for Guangzhou on China Southern flight CZ3379 (14:15-15:15). Go to the White Swan Hotel.

4/1 Free time. Rest, shop, tour. Pay as you go.

4/2 Your child’s visa physical exam and visa photo are today. You will be walking to the clinic. Bring baby/child supplies (bottle, diaper, water, snack, etc.). Be ready to go! Group meeting today (only 1 parent per family please) to prepare paperwork for the Consulate appointment: Please bring all of your documents and passports to this meeting. Your CCAI rep will have the required forms for you to fill out.

4/3 Today is your Consulate appointment.

4/4 Go to the U.S. Consulate to take the oath in the afternoon. Please bring as few items with you to the Consulate as possible. Receive your child’s visa packet at the conclusion of the oath ceremony.

4/5 Leave Guangzhou for Hong Kong on China Southern flight CZ301 (08:25-9:15).

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