Thursday, May 3, 2007

Our Little Girl is Growing Up

Yesterday we checked out our first daycare for Ainsley in September. You need a code to get the front door open and there are cameras in every classroom so you can log in and see that your little one is JUST FINE during the day after you leave them in tears. :) Ainsley enjoyed looking at the babies and when we got to the one-year old room she seemed to enjoy the kids so Baba put her on the ground next to them and some very sweet children carried over toys for her to play with. She seemed to enjoy it. The director told wanted to show us the outside play area and said to leave Ainsley where she was since she seemed to be enjoying herself. We must have given her a strange look like - We Couldn't Possibly Leave Our Daughter Around Other People - because she said, "she'll be fine, she is enjoying herself." So reluctantly, we both left the room to look at the little outside area and the area for the bigger 2 and littler 3's. We went back in and she was JUST FINE. Surprise! Who would have thought it? The building is a bit older but has some cool stuff and comes highly recommended so it is definitely high on our consideration list.

Ainsley At One Year

1. Her Baba
2. Her Mama
3. Eating
4. Playing with toys (and visitors so long as they don't try to hold me)
5. Reading Books
6. Sleeping
7. The remote control for the TV
8. Licking the outside of cups
9. Medicine (I swear she thinks it's candy, why did they not have good stuff years ago?)
10. The Little Einsteins
11. Playing at the mall

1. Apple Juice
2. Orange Juice
3. Green Beans
4. Peas
5. Staying awake more than 3 hours
6. Actually falling asleep
7. Her carseat (ok when well rested, NOT ok when tired)
8. Having her diaper changed before fully awake

Still Not Sure about
1. The pool
2. Baby swings
3. The slide

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good daycare. I remember what a relief it was knowing that Kylie loved her school.

We have yet to take Sophie to the swimming pool but plan on doing it in a few weeks. I hope she likes it.

Ainsley is adorable!

Erica Renihan

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