Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ainsley, Ainsley, Ainsley

Cute as a button and becoming mischievous. She now reaches onto the kitchen table to pull things off. We started moving things further onto the table and she now grabs placemats and pulls them to the edge so she can see (and grab) what is on top!

She also walks backwards now. She'll get infront of you, turn around and baby-step backwards until she is at your feet. That means she wants to sit on your lap.

She is currently cutting tooth number 8. If anyone has ideas about how to make this go faster, feel free to leave it in the comments.

She also smiles (she takes after her great-grandpa Banasik) the moment she sees that the camera is on her you get a big cheesy smile) and is making ALOT more noise. When she hears a new word she will try to repeat it but then won't say it again (very strange, must be stockpiling them in their for some reason).

The old adage is true. If it is too quiet she is normally trying to get away with something (generally biting off paper and trying to eat it).

She can find the smallest speck on the carpet to pick up.

Her current favorite band seems to be the Wiggles.

Thursday is going to be extra special because she is home with us.

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Anonymous said...

Ainsley is beautiful! It is amazing to see how much she has grown since gotcha day. And walking... Lily is not walking but she started standing up on her own this weekend without support. She also pulls everything off the table onto her head. She now has 10 teeth and we love the Orajel swabs - brilliant invention!
Father to beautiful Lily (Gotcha Day 3/26/07 - Hunan)

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