Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ainsley's Doctor Appointment

What a trial for all of us! If there is something worse than watching your sweet child in pain because she is in the middle of getting 4 shots then please do not let me know because my heart can't take it (nor can our ears)!

Ainsley is 31 inches tall which puts her between the 50th and 75th percentile of heighth on the US chart

Ainsley is 21 lbs and 4 oz which puts her between the 10th and 25th percentile

Talk about tall and skinny!

Other than getting immunized, it was a good appointment. The doctor is very happy with how Ainsley is doing. She did say she expects to see us much more frequently once Ainsley starts daycare (sob!)


Anonymous said...

how many days until THE BIG DAY aka daycare???

Anonymous said...

But good news, by the time she goes to kindergarten she will have built up her resistances to many germs. the pictures are great keep them up, we can watch Ainsley grow. Love, Grandma Sisk

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