Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday, April 20, 2007

One heck of an afternoon. Ainsley had her follow up doctor's appointment to check on her ears and make sure the infection has cleared up (it has). The (very nice) doctor walked in, said hello and commenced washing her hands when Ainsley (smart girl that she is) figured out she was a patient and immediately started crying and flailing about. She even managed to scratch her face and lip (see bottom picture, right side of her mouth). The doctor looked in her ears and with her mouth open screaming managed to get a peak of her throat and pronounced her cured. Ainsley was down to sobs as the doctor went and sat in the chair across the room to talk to us for a minute. Since she is okay now, then proceeded to the first floor where the labs are done. We had to register her and we were given a pager. Finally it went off and we went across the hall to the lab. The nice nurse saw her and immediately got back up. So, with her Baba holding her, her Mama holding Dora the Explorer who talks when you press her foot, a nurse holding her arm and another nurse holding the needle, they proceeded to try and find her vein while Ainsley decided trying to twist her arm and get away would be a good thing to do. After the stick and no blood the nurses realized that Ainsley's vein actually is horizontal instead of vertical and likes to move around like spaghetti. Take number 2 was in the other arm with her lying down and Baba basically lying on top of her, her Mama holding down her shoulder, a nurse trying to keep her arm straight and another nurse with the needle. Ainsley was so mad that she was constricting her veins so we let her up and the nurse got a cold compress while we waited for her to calm down. Eventually she was doing better so we all got back in the same position for take 3. The nurse hit the vein and started drawing blood out with a syringe. She figured it was going to take 3 syringes to get enough vials of blood for all of Ainsley's lab work. After 1 and a half syringes Ainsley (while not moving her arm) managed to move her vein and that was it. Sigh. So then we had to go back across the hall and wait again to preregister her for Monday at 8 am when we have to go back and get the rest of the needed blood. Our job, according to the nurse, is to keep her as hydrated as possible all weekend. Since she is such a smart girl we figure the moment we walk back in the door she is going to know exactly what's up. So, she got all her favorite things for dinner and Monday should not be fun. Boo!

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luckiest mama said...

So sorry to hear about Ainsley's latest trip to the doctor. Sophie had her blood drawn on Wednesday. Luckily they were able to draw her blood without incident, but it was not pleasant!

Good luck next time. Poor Ainsley!

Erica (Sophie's mama)

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