Sunday, April 8, 2007

Thursday, March 29, 2007

On Thursday we started off the day with a walk in the park. It was lots of fun. We saw many different groups dancing, playing music or groups playing with Chinese yo-yos. A group of older people who were dancing stopped when we came by to see the babies. They counted layers of clothes, took hats off to look at hair and then gave the thumbs up sign. Daphne said they told us we had lucky babies. I think the parents are much, much luckier. It was a very relaxing morning. In the afternoon Melissa went to the very famous Hunan Embroidery Factory and took a tour and bought a few hand embroidered clothes for Ainsley when she's older. Hunan is the very best province for embroidery. They know how to only use one piece of cloth and have a different picture embroidered on each side! There was a gorgeous, obscenely expensive one of a tiger on one side and a panda on the other. Very awesome stuff.

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