Thursday, April 12, 2007

Monday, April 9, 2007

Well today was not a good day for getting comfortable in the car seat.

First, she isn't screaming the entire time she is in it which is a blessing to all of us. She is down to only crying when she is getting in or out. Mama rides in the backseat with her so she has some company although she normally just sucks her thumb and looks out the other window waiting for freedom. Since she is better when the car is moving and we had a very quick errand we figured Melissa would jump out and run in the store while Michael drove the car around. Melissa was back in only a few minutes to a very red face and screaming cries (apparently she missed me). I felt so AWEFUL! Michael nearly had 2 crying females in the car with him. Ainsley wouldn't even look at me but her face was headed back in the direction of its natural color after we had been moving again for a few minutes. We stopped at a red light and then we were suddently jolted forward. Michael turned around and said, were we just hit from behind? And I said yes and turned to give a death glare to the stupid *($*bleep (*$ woman behind us. Michael got out of the car to see what the back end looked like and Ainsley saw him OUTSIDE the vehicle when she was INSIDE her carseat and the screaming started anew. sigh, poor girl. Telling her Florida law causes us to keep her in the seat for just these circumstances doesn't seem to help. ;) By the way, the car was fine, not even a new scratch on the bumper.

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jenai said...

Just remember to tell yourself, that Ainsley will get adjusted soon and she will never remember crying about her mean parents locking her up in that seat. It's hardest on us parents, the feeling of guilt and the pain of constant crying/screaming not to mention the embarrasment at times.

Sometimes it is good just to turn on the music and try to tune it out. When she realizes she isn't getting the reaction from Mom and Dad that she was hoping for she will eventally start to relax. Believe me those little sweet hearts know how to pull the strings. :0)

It's good that there are 2 of you. You can give each other sometime away to destress after a crying episode.

You guys are doing great!

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