Sunday, April 8, 2007

Friday, March 23, 2007

Finally Landed! Quite a long flight. Michael did a lot of sleeping and Melissa watched all of the movies. Marie Antoinette was particularly interesting as was Stranger than Fiction. We upgraded to economy plus so we had a bit more legroom. Plus with all of the bad weather at O'Hare, many flights were delayed so our plane wasn't nearly as full as it should have been and we had all 3 seats to ourselves. We made it through customs and immigration and our passports were stamped to allow us to remain in Hong Kong for up to 90 days. Americans don't need a VISA to visit. After checking into our hotel, everyone from the plane decided to go out to eat. There was an Outback Steakhouse right across the street so that is where we went. The prices were crazy before remembering to divide by 8 to see how the price compared to American Dollars. After eating, we walked around the harbor and saw a laser light show and the "Avenue of Stars". By then we were all exhausted and headed to bed.

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