Sunday, April 8, 2007

Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday was just a hang around day. Nothing was scheduled until 4:30 when we had to go verify all of the documents we had been waiting all week for were finished and correct. We went bowling with a few other families at the bowling alley in the hotel. It was lots of fun. Melissa won the first game with a 125 but came in last in the second game. The other members of our travel group who were bowling with us thought that it was hysterical that through both games Ainsley would be quite content with Baba and then it would be his turn to bowl and he would hand her off to Mama and she would cry and scream until he came back and then she'd be fine again. They said after the first game, you think she'd realize he's going to be right back. The paperwork was correct so we were free to fly out the next day. We took Ainsley to the playroom where she had fun banging on the pianos but didn't seem interested in too much else.

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