Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

Poor Little Girl

Just after it the lab work

Napping Ducks, not for long!

Oh, I'm so close, slow down duck!

Aw, it got away

We were back at the hospital for the rest of the blood work on Monday morning. Once the lab was ready for us and we walked into the outer waiting room, Ainsley knew where she was and was already making noise. By the time we got to the actual room she was already crying and looking all around. She cried and screamed and tried desperately to move so she didn't get stuck with the needle but on the 2nd try the nurse got the vein (she has vey strange veins that she can move just by moving her fingers, keeping her arm stable isn't enough) and the hospital got the rest of the blood needed. Ainsley was actually pinching her Baba's arm in the hopes that we'd take her out of there. Eventually they were done and she was free. Ainsley even had the poor nurse in tears which she said had not happened in a very long time. She got 2 stickers and then we were off to see the ducks. Ainsley tried chasing them around but they were definitely faster and we went home for some lunch and then a much needed nap.

Later in the evening Baba was holding onto Ainsley while she was standing and then he let go and she stood for about 5 solid seconds on her own before she realized what was going on. Once she did, she leaned forward for him and then wouldn't get go of his shirt. Our little girl is growing up!

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